Online course production studio
We believe in the power of education, design and technology.

If you are an expert in your area, creator of a unique content, thought leader with an audience of learners, and you want to scale your teaching business, our team will help you to create the best online learning experience for your potential students..

It doesn't matter whether you teach marketing, languages, human nutrition, finance, psychology or physics, we will help you pack your knowledge into a beautiful product - an online course, which will give you an opportunity to teach not only in your city, but also outside the country, and, moreover, to monetize your knowledge.

Our TOP 5 values
We are lifelonglearners
We believe that continuous growth and development are the key principles for people who want to stay up to date with changes in the market. We synthesize knowledge from various fields.
We are innovators
We are social scientists, we look for new technologies and tricks in training using a creative innovative approach.
We value flexibility and loyalty
We are empathetic and caring of each other; we respect freedom of spirit and choice.
We value integrity
Honesty, equity, transparency - are our key values
We love our students
We are working to remove the barriers between those who want to learn and the knowledge that they want to receive.
What we offer
Course production
All 6 phases of online course production process from creating the course concept to course launch and marketing.

Consulting includes the following sessions:
- The course concept
- The course content
- Mock video and feedback
- Production and post-production consulting
- Finding the right platform for the course
- Financial model, cost, and marketing campaign for the course

Why Us?
Hiqh quality
We combine education, silicon valley and hollywood. We offer an unconventional approach to creating an online course.
We help to package your experience into an online format, launch it and bring your people together.
Broad geography
We help you expand geography and the audience
Interaction and collaboration with top experts of Edgravity
Who is our Customer?
Innovative Entrepreneurs (creators of advanced programs in technology, health, education)

Founders of educational projects (programming, languages, marketing)
Experts with over 5 years experience in their field (trainers, coaches, speakers)

Managers in creative industries (photography, design, fashion, cinema)
Corporate sector managers (Finance, Law, HR)

(bloggers, artists, academics)
6 phases of online course production with Edgravity
(total duration: 1,5-2 months)
Phase 1
Planning and course concept
- Defining a title of the course
- Defining the course objectives (what will be the learning outcomes for students? Who is the target customer? What are the prerequisites of the course?)
- Design of the course structure and learning activities (structuring the course curriculum, determining the format of lectures)
- Creating a design of the online course
Result: Project plan and the course structure.
Phase 2
Content adaptation
- Writing the lecture scripts
- Scenario of 1 promo video
- Lesson scripts (video and audio content script)
- Designing formats of online learning
Result: online course lecture scripts
Phase 3
- Production crew for the film (director, cameraman, equipment)
- A place to shoot
- Preparing for filming
- Shooting (sound, light, audio recording if necessary)
Result: materials for editing (montage)
Phase 4
Video and audio editing
- Two phases of audio and video editing
- Making namegats, lecture titles and video openers
- Visual row
- Graphics
- Selecting sounds and music
- Video tutorials for the course
Result: promo video + video tutorials
Phase 5
Setting-up the platform
- Choosing an online platform
- Choosing the teaching method
- Copywriting
- Preparing tasks for the homework
- Creating an online course community
- Integration of video lessons to the online course
Result: your online course published on the platform
Phase 6
Course launch and marketing
- SEO-optimization
- Adaptation of the platform to the Russian-speaking audience
- Setting up the registration system
- Creating a landing page of the course
- Recommendations for the course promotion
Result: Your online course is ready for sales.
Our customer reviews
Aigerim was part of the Research and Development team at Udemy. Her research on global education helped shape Udemy's international strategy to improve the learning experience of millions of students around the globe, and provided insights for instructors to make them better online teachers. Aigerim's empathy, curiosity and dedication made her an absolute pleasure to work with and an invaluable member of the team.
Jessica Ashraf
Learning Scientist at Udemy, Сан-Франциско, США
I had the fortune of meeting Aigerim in 2015 while I was supporting the operations at Amal Academy in Pakistan. I still don't know how we manage to convince her to join our small team of 9 but having her in our team transformed our program inside our. Ever since the first time on the phone I was impressed by her energy and her commitment to the work. Aigerim truly believes in human potential and on the transformative nature online learning can have, and that of course reflects in everything she does as e-learning designer. Her work (not only at Amal but in LinchPin Effect and other projects) is the rare combination of intentionality, creativity and impact, and it is always a pleasure to collaborate with her
Laura Ruiz Diaz
Acumen Fund, Colombia
Aigerim joined us as a Global Academic Fellow at Amal Academy (a Stanford U funded) start up training Pakistani youth to develop business and professional skills. She helped us completely revamp our model to blended learning and created multiple online courses from scratch. She is extremely creative, thoughtful and dedicated to the work, and due blended learning model, we have been able to reach over 2000 fellows and help them develop different skills by over 100%. We are really grateful to her and would highly recommend her as an expert on e-learning.
Sarah Farooq
Program Manager, Amal Academy, Acumen Fellow, Pakistan
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